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    Nov 2019

    From the courtroom to your local bookstore, Mehri & Skalet’s expertise is on display. Our attorneys are passionate about bringing their breadth of experience to various projects, and a recent book on diversity showcases just this. “Diversity Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion Dollar Business”, written by award-winning journalist Pamela Newkirk, is out this… Read more »

    Aug 2019

    Mehri & Skalet associate Ezra Bronstein is featured in the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog, discussing recent legal developments that could dramatically increase the size of financial rewards to SEC whistleblowers, under the Dodd-Frank Act.  Ezra’s blog is reproduced below. As an incentive to blow the whistle, the Securities and Exchange Commission awards tipsters who… Read more »

Equal pay for equal work? While these words served as equal parts political promise and rallying cry for supporters of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, nearly six decades later, full-time women in the workplace continue to take home 20% less pay than men.[1] The 1963 Equal Pay Act made discriminatory gender-based compensation unlawful with… Read more »

Jan 2019

As citizens, we feel that, at times, it is our duty to report wrongdoing when we witness it. This can extend beyond calling the police on someone breaking a law and can also include reporting businesses and organizations. Today, there are a number of laws that provide rewards or bounties for information that leads to… Read more »

Jan 2019

Despite progress towards gender equality, discrimination continues. Fortunately, federal and state laws prohibit certain types of gender discrimination in the workplace and hold those who violate these laws accountable. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your gender, Washington, DC discrimination lawyers from Mehri & Skalet, who represent workers throughout the country,… Read more »

Jan 2019

Across the country, brave women and men are stepping up to lend their voices to the “MeToo” movement. Founded by Black civil rights activist Tarana Burke in 2006, the “MeToo” movement began to spread virally in October 2017. Let’s consider how the “MeToo” movement has changed things forever. Survivors and Victims Are No Longer Nameless,… Read more »

Jan 2019

Whistleblowers expose fraud, corruption and other misconduct to the public and appropriate government authorities. Most whistleblowers report wrongdoing they witness at their workplace. They don’t want to be a part of the wrongdoing, so they inform management or regulators, but blowing the whistle can prove dangerous sometimes. As a result, many whistleblowers fear retaliation –… Read more »

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