Our Firm

Founded in 2001 by Cyrus Mehri and Steven Skalet, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC (M&S) is one of the nation’s leading public-spirited class action and complex litigation firms. In cases ranging in focus from civil rights to whistleblower protection to consumer protection, we are tenacious, creative, client-centric, and mission-driven in our approach to legal work. We at M&S believe that powerful institutions and corporations are not above the law. We handle high-impact cases with integrity and have a track record for getting far-reaching results. We prove every day that the law can be used to achieve fairness and justice. 

Our firm is staffed by seasoned attorneys who fight complex cases on behalf of employees, whistleblowers, and consumers. Our attorneys bring together decades of front-line experience in litigation and issue advocacy and build upon strong ties with public interest, consumer, labor, whistleblower, and civil rights organizations. We use superior legal work and advocacy to serve our clients.

Our search for justice for our clients takes us to federal and state courts across the country, where we primarily litigate civil rights and consumer rights class actions; whistleblower suits alleging fraud against the government; cases involving corporate abuse in insurance, financing, and other areas; as well as individual cases with a public-interest impact. It also takes us to corporate boardrooms across America, where we negotiate severance packages on behalf of women and persons of color who have reached the heights of their corporate careers and yet continue to face discrimination from their corporation and their coworkers.  

In addition to pursuing high-impact, public-spirited litigation, we also regularly undertake projects to advance change in society. From helping women financial advisors secure major changes in how Wall Street firms distribute business opportunities to battling corporate fraud, we guide clients to justice—in the courtroom and often the public arena. We have led projects that have a high-profile impact, such as developing the Rooney Rule and creating a new player assessment test for the NFL. We have partnered with Working Ideal to design creative solutions and innovative ideas for challenging human resource issues and diversity and inclusion efforts.  

Our mission is to advance justice—and to achieve results. We are proud of our clients for being catalysts for change, as well as of the impact that we have achieved working alongside them and our co-counsel.  

And we have a clear track record of success. With decades of experience in public spirited law and a passion for securing our clients’ interests and curtailing unjust practices, M&S lawyers have achieved remarkable results against companies such as Coca-Cola, Texaco Inc., Ford Motor Company, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Wells Fargo, John Hancock, Hewlett-Packard Company, Verizon, MetLife, and Walmart, and have won hundreds of millions of dollars in relief for our clients.

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