Our Company

Founded in 2001 by Cyrus Mehri and Steven Skalet, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC has become one of the nation’s leading class action and complex litigation firms. Our thriving practice represents employees, consumers, investors, small businesses and others in high-impact cases against powerful interests.

In addition to litigating high-impact class actions to achieve lasting change, we also regularly undertake special projects to advance change in society. From helping female financial advisors secure major equitable changes in how Wall Street firms distribute business opportunities, to battling corporate fraud with Voices for Corporate Responsibility we guide clients through justice-system in the courtroom and often the public arena. We have also launched M&S Consulting to design creative solutions and innovative ideas for challenging human resource issues and diversity matters. The consulting arm of M&S has led projects such as the development of a new player assessment test for NFL clubs.

Our mission is to advance justice – and to achieve results.

And we have a clear track record of success. With decades of experience in public interest law and a passion for securing our clients’ interests and curtailing unjust practices, M & S lawyers have achieved remarkable results against companies such as Coca-Cola, Texaco Inc., Ford Motor Company, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Wachovia, John Hancock, and in protecting consumers from defective products against companies such as Hewlett-Packard Company and Verizon.

At M & S, we are active, assertive, and forward-thinking. We use the law as a powerful tool in pursuit of fairness, accountability, and reform.