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Whether you’re battling unfair employment practices, discrimination, or fraud, see how we’ve proven that the law can be used to achieve justice on your behalf.

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We fight against all forms of workplace discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sex, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, disability, and religion.

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Gender Discrimination

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Race Discrimination


Age Discrimination

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Disability Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Severance Packages

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Employee Pay & Wage Theft

Civil Rights

We work to protect and defend civil rights and civil liberties. When those rights are violated, we are here to champion justice.

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Discrimination Against Consumers & Small Businesses

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Unconstitutional Practices

Structural Racism in Institutions

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Voting Rights

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Gender Discrimination in K-12 Schools & Colleges

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Revitalizing Section 1981


We proudly represent individuals who shine a light on fraud — and we defend their rights every step of the way. Those rights include protections from whistleblower retaliation, as well as rights to financial rewards from federal, state, local, and international governments for exposing a variety of issues, including:

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Whistleblower Retaliation

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Healthcare, Government Contracts, and Grant Fraud

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Fraud Against SEC & CFTC Markets

Tax Fraud


Financial Industry Fraud

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Auto Safety Fraud & Concealment

Private Insurance Fraud

Insurance & Health

We represent people who have been overcharged, defrauded, or discriminated against by insurance companies. We also represent and consult with organizations regarding disputes they’re involved in with insurance companies, and provide expert testimony in connection with insurance-related matters.

Unjustified or Unlawful Rates

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Industry Fraud

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Discriminatory Practices

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Failure to Pay Claims

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Unlicensed Entities

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Opioid Litigation

Sports Law

We have a long and robust history of helping make the sports industry a more equitable and just place to work and play.

Discrimination in Sports

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Equitable Pay

Diversity in Hiring Practices

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Dispute Resolution

Consumer Protection

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Food and Product Labeling

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Access to Medical Records


In collaboration with our partner Working Ideal, M&S offers a variety of consulting services.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Counseling & Planning

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Racial Equity Assessments

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Workplace Culture and Climate Reviews

Citizens rallying

Independent Discrimination and Harassment Investigations

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Insurance Consulting

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Expert Witness Testimony

Clients Share Their Journey To Justice

“These are very high-class, high-powered litigators who are outstanding… This firm has very high standards and everyone gives 150%.”

Banking Executive

“Although it was a near traumatic experience which led me to M&S, the expertise, guidance, empathy, and dedication of every team member I encountered, provided me the peace of mind to know that I was not alone or defenseless.”

Whistleblower Client

“Mehri & Skalet attorneys have been the best listeners, the most responsive, detail oriented, time conscious, creative, and generous legal team that I have ever experienced.”

Whistleblower Client

“Mehri & Skalet exists to give outstanding support to whistleblowers. I would never have been heard without their skillful and outstanding legal support. I will forever be grateful for their support.”

Former COO

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