A Huge Update in the Hanford Whistleblower Case and the Latest on Rooney Rule

March 11, 2024

by M&S Staff

U.S. Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Fraud Against Hanford Contractor

After an investigation, the Department of Justice filed a complaint in late January to partially intervene in a whistleblower fraud case by Hanford worker Bradley Keever against Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS). The original complaint by Mr. Keever, who is represented by Mehri & Skalet and co-counsel Smith & Lowney and Hanford Challenge, alleges that Hanford contractors defrauded the government, ineffectively performing maintenance on essential systems, pertinent to the health and safety of the nuclear site and beyond. 

Richard Condit, a partner at Mehri & Skalet representing the whistleblower, appeared on CBS local news station, KEPR Action News, to make clear the importance of the False Claims Act, calling it a “mechanism for individuals to come forward and raise important issues involving fraud concerning government contracts, government resources.” 

As the DOJ moves along this lawsuit, Mehri & Skalet is proud to represent Mr. Keever and to partner with the U.S. government to ensure fraudulently obtained money is recovered.

Richard’s KEPR Interview

Mehri & Skalet’s Jeremi Duru Discusses Rooney Rule with the Washington Post

Headshot of Jeremi Duru

The Rooney Rule is getting plenty of play this off-season as the National Football League hit a record number of nine head coaches of color hired entering 2024.

As diversity continues to make strides within the NFL, The Washington Post recently featured a column calling for a similar initiative in college football. Columnist Kevin B. Blackistone underscores the reason: “While Black athletes disproportionately predominate the sport, no one ostensibly in charge is doing the right thing when it comes to extending opportunities to aspiring head coaches who aren’t White.”

Blackistone spoke with Jeremi Duru, Of Counsel for Mehri & Skalet, about the NFL’s advancement under the Rooney Rule:

“When you make a decision in three or four days, you gravitate toward what’s comfortable — what you’re used to — and that tends to cut against coaches of color, unfortunately… The NFL right now presents a stark contrast. It has historically struggled with diversity off the field as well. But in the past several years, club presidents of color have increased many fold and general managers of color have increased many fold. And in this hiring cycle, already four of six head coaching hires are of color.”

Read The Washington Post Article

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