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Ending 2022 With A New Look

We’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished this year to advance justice and fight for our clients. Thank you to all our “friends of the firm” for your ongoing support. Sending everyone best wishes for a safe and healthy 2023! Mehri & Skalet Wins Big for Clients Historic Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in Illinois In September…

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NASA Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Moves Forward

NASA Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Moves Forward, EEOC Certifies Classes of Black And Asian American Employees Plaintiffs allege racial bias in performance appraisal ratings, 2,000+ employees in implicated classes Washington, DC (October 4, 2022) — Last Friday, a racial discrimination class action lawsuit against NASA made one giant leap forward when the Equal Employment Opportunity…

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How Whistleblowers Can Prevent Crises Like The Baby Formula Shortage

Op-Ed: A Please To Baby Formula Employees Richard Condit and Cleveland Lawrence III, the co-chairs of Mehri & Skalet’s whistleblower practice, recently published an op-ed titled “Baby Formula Employees, We Need You to Blow the Whistle” in Whistleblower Network News about the importance of whistleblowers in preventing crises like the baby formula shortage. “We need…

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Severance Packages and Whistleblower Protection

Water Contamination Whistleblower Seeks Justice Mehri & Skalet is proud to represent Christine Ferrigan, a former Delray Beach wastewater inspector who recently filed a lawsuit against the City of Delray Beach after she was fired for blowing the whistle on ongoing drinking water contamination. The City of Delray beach terminated Ms. Ferrigan after she alerted…

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