M&S Launches Whistleblower Law Practice under Attorney Richard Condit

January 28, 2016

by M&S Staff

It’s been a busy last couple months at Mehri & Skalet. We brought on former Government Accountability Project counsel Richard Condit to run our new whistleblower law practice, including cases involving whistleblower retaliation, disclosures to the SEC and other federal agencies, and false claims or fraud against the government or its contractors. Mr. Condit has over 25 years of experience working with whistleblowers of diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of industries, representing lawyers, doctors, bank executives, firefighters, social workers, police officers, engineers, and laborers.

To read more about the whistleblower practice, check out our (revamped) website, Fight Fraud Find Justice, and read our interview with Richard on how he got into whistleblower law, what makes a whistleblower, and more. We’re so grateful to have him on board!