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Founded in 2001 by Cyrus Mehri and Steven Skalet, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC is one of the nation’s leading class action and complex litigation firms. We represent employees, consumers, investors, small businesses, whistleblowers and others in high-impact cases against powerful interests. We have secured some of the largest monetary awards in history on behalf of our clients, while also ensuring lasting, systemic change. From securing more protection for whistleblowers to helping minority coaches succeed in the National Football League, we achieve results in many forms.

Special Projects 

Diversity in Sports

On September 30, 2002, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. and Cyrus Mehri issued a ground-breaking report –“Black Coaches in the National Football League: Superior Performance, Inferior Opportunities”– revealing that black NFL head coaches were held to a higher standard than their white counterparts, and were consequently denied a fair chance to compete for head coaching jobs.

The report opened the NFL’s eyes to its teams’ unfair hiring processes. Within two months, the League had formed a diversity committee, headed by Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, and announced a diversity plan, which included the requirement that each team interview at least one minority candidate prior to selecting a head coach.  The requirement came to be known as the Rooney Rule, and it changed the face of head coaching in the NFL.

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Madison Avenue Project

The Madison Avenue Project was born from remarkable research commissioned about the lack of African-American executives in the advertising industry.  In 2009, we discovered that racial discrimination is 38% worse in the advertising industry than in the overall U.S. labor market, and that the “discrimination divide” between advertising and other U.S. industries is more than twice as bad now as it was 30 years ago. 

The study found that African-Americans suffered a shortfall of 7,200 jobs in the industry and were paid 20% less on average than their white counterparts with comparable experience and education.

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Women on Wall Street

The Women on Wall Street Project began as a joint initiative of Mehri & Skalet and the National Council of Women’s Organization to remedy the historic pay disparities impacting women working in the financial sector. Since its inception, the project has revealed a great deal about Wall Street’s failures to allocate business opportunities to its female financial advisors.

Beyond exposing this long-running inequity, we challenged some of the largest financial titans - and won. In 2007, we settled a class action lawsuit against Morgan Stanley & Co. for nearly $47 million on behalf of female plaintiffs who had alleged gender inequity in the distribution of accounts and other business opportunities. In 2008, we settled a similar case against Smith Barneyfor $33 million.  And in early 2011, we settled our third case, this one regarding compensation and promotion practices against Wells Fargo/Wachovia for $32 million.

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Voices for Corporate Responsibility

Fed up with corporate officers who skirt the law for financial gain, and inspired by the courageous employees who come forward to expose such actions, Mehri & Skalet launched Voices for Corporate Responsibility to create a community of professionals dedicated to ethical, responsible business practices. The project seeks to encourage corporate professionals to:

  • Recognize wrongdoing in their own places of employment;

  • Stand up against officer and director decision-making that is motivated by short-term interests or personal greed;

  • Participate in regulatory and legislative reform that protects their right to address conduct that adversely impacts the corporation, shareholders, and consumers. 

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Mehri & Skalet Takes On Some Of America’s Most Powerful Employers

Check Out Our Current Investigations

We are currently investigating a number of potential cases.  Please contact us if you have experienced problems related to any of the matters discussed below, or if you have experienced a problem similar to one you see described here.

CVS Algal-900 DHA: Misleading Memory Claims

M&S filed a proposed class action on February 1, 2016 against CVS, alleging false and misleading claims about its “Algal-900 DHA” product. CVS claims on its label that its DHA product is “clinically shown” to improve memory, when in fact an overwhelming amount of clinical evidence refutes these claims, and the FDA has warned another company against making the same marketing claims.

If you have purchased CVS Algal-900 DHA, we would like to speak with you about your experience. 

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Overcharges for Medical Records

Have you recently requested copies of your personal medical records from a hospital or health care provider? Mehri & Skalet has filed a class action complaint against two Washington, DC area hospitals, George Washington and Georgetown, alleging that they overcharged their patients. Under state and federal law, hospitals may only assess reasonable charges, which federal law limits to the cost of making copies. No per-page, search, or retrieval fees may be charged.

If you believe you have been overcharged for copies of medical records, we would like to speak with you.

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GNC Illegal Stimulants

Mehri & Skalet is investigating GNC and other retailers for marketing weight loss, energy and muscle-building products containing two illegal, unauthorized stimulants, picamilon and BMPEA (which has been found alongside another ingredient, acacia rigidula). You likely did not know that products you purchased contained these ingredients, or that they had never been approved for use in the United States.  If you have purchased certain weight loss, energy and muscle-building products, we would like to speak with you (click "learn more" for a full list or products).

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Know Your Rights: The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Have you been turned down for a loan, a job, been the victim of identity theft, or had other problems with your credit report? The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal statute that gives you important rights and protections. If you suffer a violation of the FCRA, you may have the right to sue and recover substantial damages, as well as the correction of your credit report.

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Insulin Overcharging Fraud

M&S is investigating a potential fraud case regarding the pricing of some of the top-selling insulin drugs, which are used in the treatment of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The manufacturers of many insulin drugs have dramatically increased the list prices of insulin drugs, including Novolog, Humalog, Lantus and Levemir, by over 160% in the last five years.

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