Why You Need an Attorney for Your Whistleblower Protection

January 26, 2019

by M&S Staff

Whistleblower ProtectionAs citizens, we feel that, at times, it is our duty to report wrongdoing when we witness it. This can extend beyond calling the police on someone breaking a law and can also include reporting businesses and organizations. Today, there are a number of laws that provide rewards or bounties for information that leads to fines or to the recovery of monies paid by the United States Government. To know whether your whistleblower disclosure may qualify for an award you need Washington, DC whistleblower attorneys to represent you and present your information to a government agency or court.

A whistleblower is a person who has inside information concerning the illicit activity of another person or entity and discloses that information to a responsible government agency or court. For example, if a publicly traded company is making false or misleading representations about its financial condition to shareholders or investors it has violated securities laws and is subject to fines, penalties and other enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To ensure that the company’s wrongdoing is addressed, a whistleblowing insider should bring relevant information forward. To initiate this process, the reporting party should contact an attorney that specializes in this area of law. The attorneys at Mehri & Skalet are well-versed in these types of cases and can help stop the wrongdoing that you have witnessed. It is important to have an attorney because Washington, DC whistleblower attorneys know what is necessary to be able to get justice for those impacted by the choices of the offending party. An attorney is also needed so that the reporting party is protected by the law and isn’t penalized.

When the time comes to do the right thing and report illegal or unethical practices of someone, call the lawyers you can trust. At Mehri & Skalet, our professionals can walk you through the process of what needs to be done to hold those accused of wrongful acts responsible. A consultation can get you started on the path to finding justice.