M&S 2018 Year in Review

March 29, 2019

by M&S Staff

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2018 was a strong year for Mehri & Skalet – not only for our team, but for the clients we serve and who inspire our work.


For the better part of two decades M&S has challenged the status quo, defending those facing an array of injustices, from women experiencing discrimination based on their gender, to consumers being taken advantage of by predatory companies, to whistleblowers witnessing fraud and being subjected to retaliation by their employers. This year was no different.


2018 has been a game changer. Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, we have taken our fight for justice up a notch, refusing to accept discrimination from our nation’s executive branch as the new normal. Firm co-founder Cyrus Mehri & senior associate Joanna Wasik worked together, along with co-counsel, on the Pars Equality Center case challenging the travel ban initially ordered against Muslim countries. Our firm represented US Senator Jeff Merkley in a suit against the president and senior congressional staff to halt the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


In 2018, we fought against bigotry of all kinds. M&S Of Counsel and former US District Court Judge U.W. Clemon successfully challenged the town of Gardendale, Alabama’s racist attempt to segregate its school system. Mehri & Skalet tackled the #MeToo movement, litigating on behalf of multiple groups of women who experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.


We recognize and applaud the determination and tenacity of our many clients for coming forward to seek justice not only for themselves, but all those subjected to mistreatment and inequity. Additionally, we extend deepest thanks to our co-counsel, whose partnership and diligence has contributed to our many successes.


Finally, we are excited to announce the arrival of the five new staff members who joined our team this year. Their hard work and enthusiasm have helped make 2018 an overwhelming success!


We looking forward to continuing our growth and advancing our mission of achieving results over the coming year!


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