Voting Rights

M&S lawyer Joshua Karsh has represented both voters and candidates in a wide range of election-related matters to protect and promote fair elections.

In the wake of the presidential election in 2000, which brought “hanging chads,” “butterfly ballots,” and other deficiencies of our flawed systems of recording and counting votes to public attention, Josh represented Latino and African American voters in Illinois in a class action against seven local election jurisdictions and the Illinois State Board of Election Commissioners. Josh challenged the use of flawed systems of recording and counting votes as a violation of the Voting Rights Act and the Fourteenth Amendment. The use of these voting systems had consistently resulted in disproportionately high error rates and undercounting of votes, particularly in predominantly minority voting districts. The settlement in the case led to the elimination, throughout Illinois, of punch-card ballots and optical-scan voting systems that failed to provide error notification.

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