Independent Discrimination and Harassment Investigations

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Our M&S team performs systematic evaluations designed to analyze and address racial disparities, biases, and inequities within an organization, institution, or community. Racial equity assessments are crucial tools in promoting social justice, inclusivity, and industry leadership.

Why are Independent Discrimination and Harassment Investigations Important?

Impartial investigations are critical for unpacking the underlying facts and addressing the impact on your team. This requires a thoughtful investigation plan, engaged listening skills, and knowledge of relevant law.  It’s also critical to appropriately balance transparency, accountability and privacy.

Effective third-party investigations foster trust. Bringing in an objective fact-finder, especially investigators who have expertise in civil rights, signals that you want your team members to feel heard.  It also demonstrates that the organization will listen to and value diverse voices.  Moreover, when organizations respond appropriately to the findings from an impartial investigation, they have an opportunity to rebuild a healthy organizational culture.

Our approach

We can advise you on the scope of an investigation, conduct the investigation, and prepare a written report of our findings, and where appropriate, our recommendations.  Regardless of whether you choose M&S to conduct the investigation, we can also offer guidance on responding to reports of discrimination and harassment and help you develop more effective policies and practices that will benefit your entire team.  Our decades of commitment to civil rights and worker rights as well as our experience leading discrimination and harassment investigations inform our approach to impartial investigations as well as policy review and design.

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