A Message from Mehri & Skalet on Racial Justice

June 3, 2020

by M&S Staff

Our country, once again, faces difficult and uncertain times. The events following the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder have made one thing very clear — change must come. Our hearts go out, not just to George Floyd’s family, but also to the loved ones of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and all those affected by lethal acts of brutal police misconduct.

Current events have highlighted systemic racial disparities that plague our country. Police brutality is a public health crisis that disproportionately impacts communities of color. According to Mapping Police Violence, unarmed Black people are five times more likely to be killed by police than unarmed white people.

We, at Mehri & Skalet, have long recognized the gravity of systemic racism in our nation. The coronavirus pandemic has vividly exposed institutionalized racial inequities in our healthcare system and economy. Black mortality from coronavirus is 3.57 times white mortality, and Latinx mortality is 1.88 times white mortality. Economic opportunityeducation, and even voting rights remain grossly unequally distributed.

At this historic moment we want to recognize the efforts of organizers and activists who work so tirelessly to fight racial injustice and have been leading protests across our great country and the world. Systemic injustices require actions that will lead to systemic reforms. We join with others working to transform calls for justice into meaningful structural reforms. This is a time for big ideas that will lift our nation as we move forward.

At Mehri & Skalet, we are well-positioned to be part of the solutions to fight against systemic racial discrimination and the myriad of injustices it leads to. Lawyers at Mehri & Skalet have helped secure justice in some of the largest and most sweeping race discrimination cases in U.S. history resulting in structural change in the form of court-approved injunctive relief.

We are committed to combating racial disparities, addressing implicit biases in our legal system, and contributing to equal opportunity through our work inside and outside the courtroom. We are also committed to continuing dialogue, within our own practice and with our community.

We hope that healing overcomes hurt, progress overcomes tragedy, hope and determination overcomes despair and hopelessness. We hope that all voices are heard as a new, more inclusive and more just America emerges.

We trust that you and your loved ones are safe — and healthy — during this crisis. We stand with you, shoulder to shoulder as we collectively seek to heal and advance our nation.