The Cybersecurity Lawsuit That Boards Are Talking About

November 25, 2023

by M&S Staff

The Cybersecurity Lawsuit That Boards Are Talking About
By Richard Condit, Originally posted in New York Times, November 18, 2023

Effective cybersecurity is a requirement for government contractors and publicly traded companies. Yet, according to Sarah Kessler’s recent article, “The Cybersecurity Lawsuit That Boards Are Talking About,” too frequently, cybersecurity professionals find themselves facing pushback or overt retaliation for disclosing cybersecurity risks. The stakes couldn’t be higher, though, and transparency is critical. Poorly managed or outdated cybersecurity infrastructure can lead to the loss of national security information, identity theft, theft from personal or business accounts, and other crimes. The heightened focus on cybersecurity by the S.E.C. raises questions about striking a balance between disclosure and protecting those who raise concerns within organizations.

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