Steve Skalet Transitions to Of Counsel

December 2, 2020

by M&S Staff

Since Mehri & Skalet’s founding in 2001, Steve Skalet has headed the firm’s consumer protection practice and acted as its managing partner. Steve has also worked on the wide range of cases in which M&S has been involved, including civil rights, employment, and whistleblower cases. During his tenure as managing partner, the firm achieved many historic victories in each of these practice areas and M&S is now a well-recognized leader in class-action and public-spirited litigation. Steve and Cyrus are particularly proud of their exceptional relationship as co-partners for almost 20 years.

Steve has now decided to step back from managing partner responsibilities and has transitioned to a new role as Of Counsel to the firm. Steve is continuing to advance and develop cases in his new, more emeritus role and looks forward to continuing his work for the firm as Of Counsel.

Statement from Cyrus Mehri:

When Steve Skalet joined me to start Mehri & Skalet nearly 20 years ago he courageously took a leap of faith to leave the stable environment of Kass & Skalet to join a startup class action firm taking on the most powerful companies in our nation on behalf of the less powerful. During the early years when the firm operated completely in the red, Steve would joke, “the accountants should give us a discount since we only report loss not income” on our financial statements.

Over the last 20 years the firm’s wonderful and talented lawyers, paralegals, and staff have accomplished a lot to be proud of, including giving access to the courts to hundreds of thousands of people across the country and achieving superb results, often in novel and pioneering cases. While Steve led our consumer practice, he provided input and counsel across all practice areas, showing an uncanny ability to anticipate questions from judges because he examines issues in an even-handed manner. Steve has always been young at heart in terms of technology, making sure the firm stayed state of the art in its operations, and introducing to the rest of us every new gadget from Segways to Apple watches. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and I always felt that Steve complemented my weaknesses. I look forward to his continued counsel to advance the firm and our clients’ cases into the future.