M&S Attorneys Talk Civil Rights in The Atlantic

August 13, 2020

by M&S Staff

Frederick Douglass quote
In a new opinion piece for The Atlantic, a team of Mehri & Skalet civil rights attorneys — Judge U. W. Clemon, Joshua Karsh, and Cyrus Mehri, along with help from Summer Associate Autumn Clarke — examine the merits of revisiting Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which is the oldest federal civil rights law.
As America wades through a tumultuous summer that has reignited a long-overdue conversation about racial justice and the systemic inequalities that plague our nation, our team of civil rights attorneys explores a meaningful legislative step that Congress can take — modernizing Section 1981 to try to make it a match for structural racism and America in 2020.
Here’s the conclusion reached by our civil rights team: “If this nation is committed to reforming its legal system so that Black lives, dreams, and struggles matter, then amending Section 1981 should be a top priority.”
Read the op-ed in full at The Atlantic’s website here.