The Private Prison Industry

Mehri & Skalet is investigating abuses by for-profit prison vendors and other companies in the private corrections industries, such as pre-arrest diversion programs, commercial bail bond, and rehabilitation and treatment programs. If you believe you have been overcharged or unfairly treated by a company you paid for services connected with incarceration or the threat of incarceration, we would like to speak with you.

The Corrections Accountability Project estimates that as many as 3,100 companies contract with state and municipal governments to provide services to incarcerated individuals and their friends and families, but they are poorly regulated. These services include telephone, video and electronic messaging services providers, financial services, and commissary and health care services. Individuals have no choice but to purchase these services at excessive rates, are subject to misrepresentations and abusive contract terms. They also may mishandle their customers’ private and sensitive information.

Private companies also offer an array of pre-arrest and pre-trial diversion programs, commercial bail services, and private probation, monitoring, and rehabilitation/treatment programs. These companies commonly use predatory practices, including imposing excessive fees and other coercive terms on people.

Some of the leading companies in these industries include Global Tel*Link/GTL, Securus Technologies, Trinity Services Group, Union Supply Group, Corrective Solutions, Aladdin Bail Bonds, 3 Peak Solutions, and Turning Point Justice.

If we find systemic abuses, we may file a class action lawsuit to recover damages for all mistreated consumers. If you or someone you know has faced these types of issues, we would like to speak with you.

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