Illegal Stimulants in Supplements

M&S is investigating a potential consumer class action against companies that sell supplements containing the illegal stimulants DMBA and/or BMPEA.

DMBA and BMPEA are found in supplements marketed to improve athletic performance, increase weight loss, and enhance brain function.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned companies to stop selling these potentially dangerous supplements, finding that DMBA and BMPEA are similar to another stimulant already banned by the FDA. For example, the FDA has warned manufacturer 1ViZN that its product “Velocity” is adulterated because it includes AMP, an ingredient containing DMBA. The FCA has also warned five companies to stop selling dietary supplements containing BMPEA, which is often hidden in supplements containing Acacia rigidula.

If you have purchased supplements containing DMBA and/or BMPEA, please contact us.