Automobile Replacement Windshield Investigation

M&S is investigating a potential consumer class action concerning auto windshield replacements. We are evaluating consumer complaints that a replacement windshield is defective, and tend to crack and require replacement earlier and more often than the original manufacturer windshields. In addition, we are investigating claims that windshield replacement prices may have been inflated for many customers.

The leading manufacturers of replacement automobile windshields include Safelite, Pilkington, PGW, Carlite, XYG and FYG.

The goal of this suit would be to recover damages for consumers who did not get what they paid for, or were overcharged. We are actively investigating this case and talking with consumers. Did you have to replace your car windshield after just having a chip repaired?

Has your replacement car windshield needed to be replaced because it cracked shortly after being installed? Have you had problems obtaining warranty coverage for replacement of a cracked windshield? If you have had to replace your windshield in your car, either after making an insurance claim or paying out-of-pocket to install the replacement windshield, we would like to speak with you.

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