Mehri & Skalet is investigating GNC and other retailers for marketing weight loss, energy and muscle-building products containing two illegal, unauthorized stimulants, picamilon and BMPEA (which has been found alongside another ingredient, acacia rigidula). You likely did not know that products you purchased contained these ingredients, or that they had never been approved for use in the United States. But if you have purchased any of these weight loss, energy and muscle-building products, including but not limited to the list below, we would like to speak with you.

Product list: Charge Extreme Energy Booster, Lean Body for Her Fat Burner, Lean Body Hi Energy Fat Burn, Jet Fuel Superburn, Testek, Riptek V2, Tru Mangodrin, Turbo Shred, Jacked Pack, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fruit drinks, Vanish Bonus, Nirvana, ENGN fruit punch, Fastin, Thino Rush, Meltdown, Lipo 6 Black, Redline, Fruit N.O. Shotgun, Grp Bgum Shotgun V3, Craze, Shredz Burner, Iso Lean 2 & 3, and Methyl Drive 2.0.

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If you have experienced problems related to any of the matters discussed above, or if you have experienced a problem similar to one you see described here, please contact us regarding your potential claims.

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