Healthcare, Government Contracts, and Grant Fraud

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What is Healthcare, Government Contracts, and Grant Fraud?

In today’s world, U.S. government agencies contract with the private sector to purchase a multitude of goods and services – everything from buying pens and pencils for government employees; to paying Medicare and Medicaid claims for eligible patients; to acquiring Navy Destroyers and Stealth Bombers for our military; to procuring cybersecurity software and hardware for America’s most important systems. The federal government also routinely provides grant funds for a variety of purposes. In the United States, the federal False Claims Act (and its state law counterparts) permit whistleblowers with information about fraud on a government contract or grant application, or who knows about the fraudulent retention of government funds, to file a lawsuit on behalf of the defrauded government entity. Those suits can recover up to three times the amount the government lost, plus substantial civil penalties for each violation of the law. If a whistleblower’s FCA lawsuit is successful in returning money to the government, then the Healthcare, Government Contracts and Grant is generally eligible for a financial reward – usually between 15% and 30% of the amount recovered. False Claims Act laws also prohibit whistleblower retaliation and provide a robust set of remedies to whistleblowers who suffer on the job for doing the right thing.

In order to represent the government’s interests, False Claims Act whistleblowers (called “relators”) must work with a lawyer. In fact, if the government declines to join the whistleblower’s case, then the relator and counsel can usually pursue the case on their own, on the government’s behalf. At M&S, our attorneys have decades of experience representing whistleblowers in FCA cases, and we have developed a strong track record of working with our government partners to maximize recoveries of stolen taxpayer funds – and to reward our courageous clients appropriately, resulting in multiple near-maximum whistleblower awards.

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