Cyrus Mehri’s Discussions at Cornell University & American Constitution Society Lead to Larger DEI Conversations

July 20, 2023

by M&S Staff

Founding Partner Cyrus Mehri recently spoke at Cornell University and The American Constitution Society (ACS).

Cornell Law School Justice, Equity, Democracy & Inclusion (JEDI) Discussion

Cyrus Mehri returned to his alma mater, Cornell University Law School, to lead a crucial discussion, ‘Justice, Equity, Democracy & Inclusion (JEDI)’ at the Alumni Reunion. He guided the audience through a series of historic cases, emphasized the power of humanizing discrimination, and urged both individuals and organizations alike to embrace diversity and incorporate inclusiveness and belonging.

Table of Contents:

Dean Olin
Cornell’s longstanding commitment to diversity (0:00–3:51)
Professor Michael Huyghue
Introductions (3:52–6:15)
Moral Case for Diversity
Texaco and the Tapes (6:16–11:48)

Business Case for Diversity (11:49–)
Coca-Cola (12:47–14:56)
NFL ( Power of Diversity): (14:57–22:37)
Admissions (22:38–24:57)

Brian Flores Case –(24:58–27:44)
Democracy Case –(27:45–35:07)
Democracy Recession( 29:39–30:54)
2016 forward (30:55-31:22)
Travel Ban (31:23–33:24)
Response to “Anti-Woke” Rhetoric Discussion: (33:25–35:07)

A Vision Forward
Call to Action (35:08–37:04)
BlackRock & Institutional Courage (37:05–39:10)
States Need to Return as Laboratories of Democracy (39:11–44:21)
Universal Community Service (40:58–42:28)
Democracy Envoy (42:29–44:21)
Strengthening Section 1981 and Its History (44:22–47:14)
SEC DEI Disclosures (47:18–47:57)
Q&A (47:58)
Texaco Case Impact (47:59–50:24)
SEC Disclosures & ESG (50:25–53:41)
Potential Backlash of DEI and Importance of Institutional Courage (53:42–55:42)
Emerging Companies and DEI Work (55:43–57:55)
Journey Toward DEI & Diversity in Life and Experience in Judicial Nominations (57:56–1:02:10)
Courage of DEI Professionals (1:02:11–1:04:01)

ACS DC: Inspiration, Divergence and Disappointment Two Paths Towards Diversity in the Workplace

Mr. Mehri spoke on the panel: ‘Inspiration, Divergence, and Disappointment: Two Paths Towards Diversity in the Workplace’ to discuss the creation of the Rooney Rule, the Mansfield Rule – which the Rooney Rule inspired – and efforts needed to increase workplace diversity across industries.