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Discrimination Against Consumers & Small Businesses

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What is Discrimination Against Consumers & Small Businesses?

As entrepreneurs and as customers, people of color often face obstacles that Whites do not. When minority entrepreneurs apply for credit, their loan approval rates are lower, loan amounts are often smaller, and interest rates are often higher than for similar white-owned businesses. When people of color shop, they are discriminatorily surveilled. More than 150 years after Congress passed this country’s first federal civil rights law (in 1865), the color of money still matters.

M&S has decades of experience working to level playing fields and removing obstacles to equal opportunity for minorities and for women. M&S lawyers are national thought leaders in this area and are responsible for Senate and House Bills that would expand federal laws’ protections, to bring about more equal economic opportunities for all Americans, including by targeting not just intentional discrimination but also acts, practices, and policies that have the effect of creating or perpetuating disadvantage – because in combatting discrimination, intention isn’t all that matters.


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