Wells Fargo Overtime

The skilled wage and hour lawyers at M&S, along with several California law firms, represents a class of former and current loan officers at Wells Fargo in California who were forced to pay various business expenses without being reimbursed in violation of the California Labor Code. The unreimbursed expenses included cell phones and “air cards” used for internet access, vehicle mileage, gifts and food purchased for clients, and advertising expenses such as Wells Fargo-branded websites and mailing programs. The parties agreed to settle the case on a class-wide basis for $3 million, including attorneys’ fees, with class members to be paid a share of the settlement fund based on the amount of time they worked for Wells Fargo as a Home Mortgage Consultant (HMC) or Retail Sales Supervisor (RSS). The settlement received final approval in San Francisco Superior Court on March 5, 2014.