Emerging out of a successful case against Ford Motor Company, Robinson v. Ford, M&S represented a group of plaintiffs who worked for Ford at Visteon facilities. The settlement in the earlier case against Ford specifically excluded Ford employees who worked at Visteon facilities from the defined class. This additional case addressed the same discriminatory policies and practices in the selection of apprentices that the earlier settlement corrected in the rest of the company.

Programmatic Relief

The settlement reached in this case built upon the settlement of Robinson v. Ford. Ford was made to stop relying on the ATSS test for evaluation of an applicant’s qualification for an apprenticeship at a Visteon facility, replacing it with the test developed by the industrial psychologist for the Robinson settlement. Ford also agreed to place 55 of the members of this class onto the list of eligible apprenticeship candidates.

Financial Compensation

Through the settlement Ford agreed to provide $2,400 to each class member who submitted a valid claim, as evaluated by the claims administrator.