Current Cases: Epipen® Overpricing

On April 3, 2017 a nationwide consumer class settlement was filed against drugmaker Mylan concerning the fraudulent overpricing of the widely distributed EpiPens® over the past decade.

The firm’s investigation shows that Mylan has increased the EpiPens® price by 500%, while all indicators demonstrate that actual prices of the medication should have stayed constant or even dropped. The result is that many people who needed this widely used medication had to go through extreme means to acquire the drug, or possibly were simply unable to obtain access to proper medication.

You may still be eligible to participate in the settlement, so please take a moment to review the following information. This case may be applicable to you if:

  • You are uninsured and paying out-of-pocket for your EpiPens®;
  • You are insured, but paying significant amount out-of-pocket under a high-deductible plan or a plan with high coinsurance rates for your EpiPens®;
  • You have to rely on an expired EpiPens®, instead of purchasing a new one, due to its high cost;
  • You did not purchase an EpiPens®, or purchased fewer than desired, but would have done otherwise if the price had been lower;
  • You purchase an EpiPens®, from a private, non-authorized, seller to save money;
  • You typically purchase the drug on behalf of another individual, school, community group, or other organization and did not purchase it, or purchased fewer than recommended, due to cost.

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