Jay Angoff

Jay Angoff

Former Missouri Insurance Commissioner Jay Angoff, who was previously a partner at Mehri & Skalet, returned to the firm in December 2012 after three years at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. At HHS he served as the first director of Affordable Care Act implementation, as well as Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Regional Director for HHS Region VII, headquartered in Kansas City.

Jay Angoff has continued to support the implementation of the ACA in private practice. For example, he successfully challenged on preemption grounds a Missouri statute limiting the ability of non-profit organizations to help people sign up for insurance; brought an FOIA lawsuit resulting in HHS making health insurance rate filings public; and helped to enjoin a proposed rule that would have prevented low-income dialysis patients from obtaining ACA-compliant coverage.

A substantial portion of Mr. Angoff’s practice consists of challenges to insurers’ use of rating factors that violate state statutes. It also includes work with state insurance departments. For example, he has advised the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Montana and Missouri Departments regarding proposed insurance company mergers. Most recently, he served as outside counsel to the Missouri Department in connection with the proposed Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna mergers. Mr. Angoff also counsels health care providers, investment banks, insurance agents and the plaintiff’s bar. In addition, based on his experience as both a state and federal insurance regulator he on occasion serves as an expert witness.

Mr. Angoff’s career as an insurance regulator includes six years as Director of the Missouri Department of Insurance. There he became one of the first Insurance Commissioners to order a traditionally non-profit Blue Cross plan to establish a healthcare foundation with the full value of its assets when it converted to for-profit status. He also helped implement a health insurance Exchange for state workers, which reduced their health insurance costs by up to 45%. And he established a competitive bidding process for workers compensation insurers that reduced workers comp rates by 24%. He also oversaw and accelerated the run-off of the Transit Casualty and Mission insolvencies, two of the largest and longest-running insurer insolvencies in the nation. And he approved, disapproved or conditionally approved more than ten major insurance company mergers.

Prior to coming to Missouri, Jay Angoff served as Deputy Insurance Commissioner of New Jersey and Special Assistant to the Governor for Health Insurance Policy. In those positions, he helped draft and implement New Jersey’s individual and small group reform laws.

Mr. Angoff began his career as an antitrust lawyer with the Federal Trade Commission. He also served as counsel to the National Insurance Consumer Organization, and as Vice-President for Strategic Planning for Quotesmith.com (now insure.com), an internet quotation service and insurance broker. He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications, and has frequently appeared on MSNBC and Fox to discuss ACA-related issues. He is the recipient of the James R. Kimmey Lifetime Achievement Award and the Rory Ellinger Award for Public Interest Litigation.

He is a member of the District of Columbia, Missouri, New Jersey, and U.S. Supreme Court bars, and is a graduate of Oberlin College and Vanderbilt Law School.