In 2001, Cyrus Mehri helped secure the largest race employment discrimination class action settlement in the nation’s history, representing 2,200 current and former African-American employees of The Coca-Cola Company. The suit alleged that Coca-Cola employed racially discriminatory business practices that limited the professional advancement of its African-American employees, and the terms of the $192 million settlement also demanded that Coke become a leader among Fortune 500 companies in equitable employment practices. Mehri & Skalet continues this tradition of advancing racial justice in the workplace to this day. The firm currently represents several groups of African-American employees in confidential settlement negotiations with their employers. The firm is negotiating monetary relief for our clients as well as changes to employers’ policies and practices to address the allegations of race discrimination and improve the workplace for all employees. Click here to learn more.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination remains prevalent. Mehri & Skalet fights on behalf of women in every workplace, from corrections officers to financial advisors at major economic institutions. All women deserve equitable treatment and it is our mission to make sure they receive it. M&S attorneys are passionate about gender equality, one having previously worked at the National Women’s Law Center. Click here to learn more about our current and past work to combat gender discrimination.

Age Discrimination

Older employees frequently find themselves disproportionately terminated in employer reductions-in-force. They then face discrimination in seeking new employment and confront months or years of unemployment or underemployment. Mehri & Skalet lawyers have led in the use of class actions under state laws and collective actions under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) in the fight against illegal age discrimination. Frequently co-counseling with lawyers from AARP’s litigation foundation, they have won multi-million dollar settlements from several Fortune 500 companies on behalf of groups of employees challenging age discrimination in RIFs, hiring decisions, training, promotions and pay raises. Over the past few decades, age discrimination class action cases have taken a back seat to race and gender discrimination class cases across the country. M&S lawyers, however, actively seek age discrimination class action cases. Please contact us if you have an age discrimination claim, especially one that you believe could be brought on a class basis.

Senior Executive Packages and Consulting

Advancing professionally is not a panacea for facing discrimination based on race or gender. In fact, the higher women and racial minorities rise up the corporate later, the more isolated they can become. Mehri & Skalet represents professionals who have reached the apex of their industry but continue to face discrimination from their corporation and co-workers. Working with senior management (up to the level of CEO), high-level financial advisors and media talent who have faced discrimination in their workplaces due their race, sex or any other protected status, M&S seeks to ensure they receive appropriate economic and noneconomic terms in their severance agreements. M&S also serves as a consultant to executive employees who are struggling with workplace issues and who wish to remain at their current place of employment.

Confidential Settlement Negotiations 

M&S has represented women who have experienced sex-stereotyping, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and other forms of sex discrimination in a variety of workplaces – from large retail chains to Fortune 500 companies.  M&S has achieved extraordinary confidential results for our clients in these individual cases.

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