Latest News: M&S Helps Union Health & Welfare Funds and Cities Combat Opioid Epidemic by Taking on Drug Manufacturers, Distributors, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers; Working IDEAL Welcomes Jenny Yang

M&S Teams up with Teamsters to Fight Opioid Epidemic in Ohio and West Virginia A lawsuit filed in April on behalf of Teamsters’ Health and Welfare Funds in Ohio and West Virginia demanded accountability for the opioid crisis by taking aim at a range of opioid drug manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy benefit companies and alleging…


Latest News: From the New York Fire Department to Walmart, M&S Stands up for Employees Facing Discrimination in the Workplace

M&S Fights for Black Employees Accusing FDNY of Discrimination Stephanie Thomas, a computer specialist with the Fire Department, is one of the seven plaintiffs. Credit: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times Mehri & Skalet filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of African-American New York Fire Department employees alleging a pattern of racial discrimination that cost them…


Activist Interview: Ellen Eardley, Esq.

Job titles and roles may differ, but a good activist can be spotted by their passion and dedication to their work. Despite how time consuming activism can be, it is not something you get into for recognition or notoriety. Most of us choose our paths of activism based on the impact we want to have…


Griffin woman files complaint against Walmart for anti-pregnancy bias

By Michael E. Kanell – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A Griffin woman has filed legal action against Walmart for company managers’ treatment of her, charging them with discrimination against pregnant workers. In a filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Atlanta, Whitney Tomlinson, 30, a single mother, is asking for an unspecified amount of money…


Wal-Mart faces another pregnancy bias claim at EEOC

Daniel Wiessner Wal-Mart Stores Inc on Monday was hit with the latest in a series of complaints claiming the retail giant denied accommodations to pregnant employees even after it revised its policies in response to previous complaints. The National Women’s Law Center and A Better Balance, a New York-based legal group, filed a charge with…


Job Opportunity: Litigation Associate

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Public-Spirited Law Firm Seeks Litigation Associate OVERVIEW The Washington, D.C. law firm of Mehri & Skalet, PLLC (“M&S”) seeks a litigation associate with 2-4 years of experience.  M&S represents plaintiffs – primarily employees, whistleblowers, consumers, investors, and non-profits – in complex litigation under federal and state law.  The firm engages in class action and impact litigation,…