M&S Speaking Out

While most known for achieving major victories for his clients in high impact litigation, Cyrus Mehri is a frequent speaker before influential audiences. In the past several months, Mr. Mehri delivered speeches and produced various commentaries about a number of issues that align with the firm’s mission.

This spring, Mr. Mehri spoke out about the need to diversify the Boards of publicly traded companies and expand use of the Rooney Rule to include coaches of college football, called for Universal Community Service for young people, and addressed the role of women in the law and in the greater workforce.

Keynote Address at the Human Capital Summit

In March, at the invitation of the UAW Trust, Mr. Mehri was a keynote speaker at the Human Capital Summit which had representatives from institutional investors with assets collectively totaling $2.5 trillion. In his speech, entitled Harnessing Shareholder Power to Advance Opportunity, Mr. Mehri called on institutional investors to demand that Boards of Directors of publicly traded companies use a diverse slate of candidates while selecting board members, provide disclosures about highest paid employees based on race, gender and ethnicity, and the creation of Human Capital Subcommittee on Boards to ensure that full attention is paid to companies’ most important assets: its workers. Read the keynote here.

Engaging Student Athletes on Diversity, Inclusion and Other Issues of the Day

In May, Mr. Mehri was a keynote speaker at the PAC-12 Conference where he delivered a speech entitled Hearing the Call of 21st Century Athletes; Small Steps for the PAC-12, Big Steps for America. Mr. Mehri called on the PAC-12 to provide leadership by becoming the first conference to use the Rooney Rule for college coaches, and to hire Engagement Officers to proactively provide forums for dialogue among students and college administrations among other ideas.

The Story Behind “The Rooney Rule”

The spotlight continues to stay on the Rooney Rule, particularly in a new video that takes viewers through the history and making of the Rule. In interviews with Mr. Mehri and Paul Tagliabue, former Commissioner of the NFL, the video talks about how this important and historical rule came into being. You can watch the video here.

Calling On College Leadership to Use “The Rooney Rule”

Mr. Mehri had a recent opportunity to speak to college presidents and chancellors about using the Rooney Rule in leadership positions — from the boards of trustees to college presidents and chancellors. To watch Mr. Mehri’s speech to the American Council on Education (ACE), click here.

Own It: Women’s Empowerment Program

Mr. Mehri also spoke this spring at Georgetown’s Women’s Empowerment Summit, Own It, which also featured an appearance by U.S. Women’s soccer champion, Abby Wambach. Mr. Mehri spoke at a session titled Laying Down The Law about female representation in the law industry and the larger workforce.

A Call for Universal Community Service

Mr. Mehri also published a column on Medium calling for Universal Community Service to create opportunities for young people to advance their careers and lift up our local and national communities. You can follow him @cyrusmehri.

It’s been a busy year for Mehri & Skalet in the public spotlight! Stay tuned for more speaking engagements, appearances and commentaries in the second half of 2016.

Saving a Life

When 87-year-old Dr. Edward Cornfeld suffered a heart attack at the Folger Theatre in D.C. last month, Mr. Mehri’s son, Dylan, stepped in, along with a nurse who was also in attendance, to perform CPR and save Dr. Cornfeld’s life. Local media took note of Dylan and Michelle Michaels’ quick thinking and bravery, and the incident was covered by NBC4FOX5, ABC7 and The Washington Post.