Mehri & Skalet’s ‘Diversity’ Reading List

From the courtroom to your local bookstore, Mehri & Skalet’s expertise is on display. Our attorneys are passionate about bringing their breadth of experience to various projects, and a recent book on diversity showcases just this. “Diversity Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion Dollar Business”, written by award-winning journalist Pamela Newkirk, is out this fall and features Cyrus Mehri, founding partner of M&S and co-founder of Working IDEAL; N. Jeremi Duru, who serves as “of counsel” to M&S; and Pamela Coukos, co-founder and CEO of Working IDEAL.

“Diversity Inc.” grapples with heavy subject matter and questions why progress is as slow as it has been. The book examines elite institutions’ penchant for promising rhetoric on diversity, questioning the inaction that usually follows. Mr. Mehri’s work in the field is highlighted throughout, including litigation on discrimination lawsuits against major corporations like Coca-Cola and Texaco, and explores ways companies can detect and disrupt patterns of bias.

A recent TIME article about the book quotes Mr. Mehri: “Everybody is quick to do unconscious-bias training and not interventions,” says Mehri, who, with the late civil rights lawyer Johnnie Cochran, is credited with devising the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires a diverse slate of candidates for coaching and front-office jobs. “When you keep choosing the options on the menu that don’t create change, you’re purposely not creating change,” he says.

“Diversity Inc.” was released in October through the Hachette Book Group and is available on Amazon.